Blog Intro

Hey guys!
Thank you so much for reading my very first blog post. After speaking to a therapist, and some really in-depth thinking about my life, I have decided that a blog will be a great outlet for me. 
First... I am not a professional writer. There will be spelling and grammar errors. Probably weird punctuation in places, and I may ramble a bit. Despite all that, I promise to be real and raw. I will discuss some things that will probably piss some people off. Not offensive, but more along the lines of sharing things that people may not want me to share. Sharing things that I usually keep to myself.
This is my outlet, this is my way to help cope with the challenges that I struggle with. I won't use anyone's names, but I will discuss some deep and sometimes dark stuff in hopes that getting it out will help me in my own healing and possibly even help others. 
Dont get me wrong... not all of my blogs will make you cry! I do intend to talk about other great things too. So sit back, get cozy, and get ready.