My Story

Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting my website! My name is Janna. I'm 31 years young and a mom to three wonderful children as well as a proud wife to my husband. I was born and raised in Michigan. In 2008 I made the difficult decision to leave everything I knew behind and moved to Colorado to finish college. I fell in love with this beautiful state, and never went back home. Sorry Mom!!

 After finishing my BA in Psychology, I quickly realized there weren't many opportunities available for me to use my degree. In my search for work, I found a job at a restaurant, and fell in love with the atmosphere and community. My restaurant was my second home, and my staff was family. After several years struggling with different health issues I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and had to make another difficult decision. I left my career and began searching for work from home, to make things easier on my physical health. It did not take me long to find myself in the fashion world. I fell in love with clothes and the wonderful community I had built online with my customers.

 After struggling for so long with health problems and depression, I had to climb my way out the of the dark hole I had found myself in. I had to get myself back. Find me again. 

 Fashion was the light at the end of that tunnel.

Helping other women through fashion has allowed me to get myself back -- it has given me purpose outside of being a mom and wife. 

 That is why I am here. To help. To help you take your pretty back.